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Article 44-36 of the CPS-CTU contract states that if you have regularly served as an interpreter at IEP meetings you are eligible for a $500 stipend. We’ve put together some guidance to help ensure you get the payment you deserve:

Info for the start of the school year

If you are interpreting at IEP meetings, make sure that you sign in as interpreter (even if you are the ELPT, bilingual teacher, etc.). You should sign in on the cover sheet for both roles! Signing in will make it easier when it comes time to claim your stipend. Also, keep track of the student ID number for which you interpreted because this information will need to be submitted for the stipend.

Info from last school year

On Aug. 19, Labor Relations resent the Spring 2022 Interpreter Stipend Pay Survey to principals for them to submit names of those that translated during 2nd semester of last school year. So, if you interpreted during that time and have not already had your name submitted, ask your principal to submit it. To make it easier, send them your employee ID, a brief summary of the IEP interpreter services performed, and three student ID numbers for which services were performed (this is the info principals must provide  on the form).

Delayed Stipend Payments

If your principal DID submit your name for the IEP interpreter stipend for 2nd semester of last school year and you have NOT yet been paid, please reach out to lindaperales@ctulocal1.org. CPS continues to ask us to be patient with the payroll department, but we are continuing to push them on this.

Overall Logistics

The stipend is paid out from central office and does not come out of your school budget. You need to interpret three or more times in one semester to be eligible for the stipend. You also need to be a CTU member. We know that SEIU members also interpret and their help is invaluable! They should definitely push to get similar language in their next contract. Presently, there is no certification or training requirements for staff to be eligible for this stipend and there is no limit to the amount of employees eligible. Please note, all of this info is straight from the form that was sent to principals, so if your principal is giving you trouble, please reach out to lindaperales@ctulocal1.org.

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