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As you know, in our 2019 contract we won language stating that members who regularly interpret in IEP meetings are eligible for a $500 stipend per semester. For the past few semesters, principals have submitted the names of members that have interpreted and then members have been paid (not without a few hiccups along the way due to CPS payroll).

Recently, members informed us that CPS is making the interpretation process during IEP meetings much more difficult. Now CPS is saying that the IEP team has one of the follow options for interpreters:

  1. Use an interpreter from among the 40 CTU members on their approved list of those who took a training that they offered only once two summers ago
  2. Request an interpreter from a list of approved vendors
  3. Request an interpreter from ODLLS
  4. Parent can bring their own interpreter
  5. Parent can waive their right to have interpretation during the meeting

Along with this, they are stating that a person cannot have a dual role in the meeting. Meaning that you can’t report out during an IEP meeting AND be the interpreter.

This new guidance is unjust and immoral. It makes it not only much harder for members to get paid for performing this vital service in meetings, but also makes it almost impossible for bilingual parents parents and students to be properly serviced during an IEP meeting!

This issue has been brought up in strategic bargaining, we have been in communication with Labor Relations and we held an emergency bilingual education committee meeting after hearing this guidance and are organizing next steps.

Some next steps that you can do at your school include:

  • If you are not on the list of 40 certified CTU interpreters and still interpret because the need is there, sign in as “other” at the IEP meeting.
  • If you interpret at an IEP meeting, log your interpretation on your own copy of our IEP Interpreter Log, so that we can gather needed evidence to demand proper compensation.
  • Attend the next LSC/BAC meeting at your school and report out on this issue to raise awareness.
  • If IEP interpretation services are being denied, report it to the ISBE monitor at www.isbe.net/monitor.
  • Use your PPC to push for principal directed time to complete the 6+ hour interpreter training (it can be found on the Safe Schools platform if you click on “Extra Training” on the left hand bar, then type “interpreter” into the search.

Also, please consider joining the bilingual education committee. Apply at ctulocal1.org/committees to join us in the fight against the injustices happening in bilingual education in our district.

Lastly, this should not impact your ability to receive the IEP interpreter stipend for 2nd semester of last school year. Again, if your principal submitted the form and you have not been paid or if you need additional support with any of the information shared please reach out to lindaperales@ctulocal1.org.