We won some big victories in our contract fight and we also won some smaller ones that may have already been forgotten by many. This one will be remembered and celebrated by our members who spend hours translating and interpreting for IEP meetings.

Article 44-36.7 states:

The BOARD will provide employees a $500 stipend for each semester that the employee who regularly serves as an interpreter at the IEP meetings until such time as the BOARD establishes an internal certification process. Once an internal certification process is established, any employee who obtains the certification will receive the stipend so long as the employee agrees to interpret at IEP meetings.

Principals are currently in the process of submitting names for the $500 IEP interpreter stipends, as provided above. The window ends on June 12th. If this applies to you, please contact your principal directly to make sure they have included you on their list for submission. The final list will be sent to payroll for stipend payment thereafter.