Honor a Substitute In Your Building

Every other month, the CTU honors two substitutes from across Chicago who are doing the essential day-to-day work to keep schools running in the face of staffing shortages. Educators are encouraged to give thanks by nominating a substitute who is doing the heroic work of providing support, love, and care to our students. The next round of awards will be issued at the December 7 House of Delegates, so submit a nomination today!

Getting the Respect That Substitutes Deserve

The CTU website has a whole page dedicated to resources for substitute teachers, including essential contract language, a know-your-rights flyer, info about pay and incentives, and info about how to join the Displaced and Substitute Teachers Committee. This page is an excellent resource, whether you’re a substitute seeking to understand your rights or an educator helping a substitute in your building to address a challenge they’re facing.

You can also e-mail CTU staffer Georgia Waller, who is the liaison to the Displaced and Substitute Teachers Committee, with any questions or concerns you may have.