The Chicago Teachers Union Grievance Department is hiring a Lead Field Representative. Read the job description and learn how to apply here.

The Grievance Department is Hiring:

Lead Field Representative

Lead Field Representative is a job classification with strategic and operational responsibility, authority, and
accountability for planning and conducting all elements of major contract enforcement efforts, bargaining
campaigns among key member constituencies or classifications, or other major areas of the representational
work of the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU). Lead Field Representatives are management positions that will
support and promote the CTU and may be responsible for disciplinary decisions or other decisions reserved
solely to management.

Working under the direction of the Field Staff Director, this position will help to coach departmental staff in
addressing contract violations and helping members to organize and challenge abusive working conditions
and abusive bosses.

Other duties include, but are not limited to:
1. Help lead, strengthen, and advance CTU’s practice of addressing racial bias and equity issues across
classrooms and schools while ensuring that these practices reflect CTU’s values.
2. Collaborate interdepartmentally to build and strengthen networks of engaged members across school
buildings and communities to confront issues impacting members, students and their families.
3. Debrief, develop and conduct trainings for staff and union members in CTU contract enforcement,
campaign models, and other related areas of work.
4. Mentoring department staff in all aspects of the grievance process from investigation to resolution.
5. Assist the Field Staff Director in recognizing learning opportunities for department staff to help them
fortify the union’s capacity to protect and defend members.

The ideal candidate will:
• Have excellent knowledge of the Board-Union Agreement, CPS policies and procedures and the
Illinois School Code
• Be experienced, knowledgeable, and passionate about union rights and educational issues
• Ideally have at least seven (7) years of experience as a union delegate or CTU employee
• Work closely and in collaboration with CTU department managers and attorneys
• Be able to manage multiple tasks and projects simultaneously and meet established deadlines
• Must be available to work evenings, weekends and holidays, if needed
• Attend and assist with CTU school meetings, conferences, workshops, & other assignments both in
and outside the office.
• Have proven oral, written and visual communication skills, as well as organizational, planning and
interpersonal skills; and
• Have demonstrated proficiency with Microsoft Office programs.

Please submit your resume, with references and a cover letter to

The deadline for submission is June 23, 2024.