The following procedures for the fund to benefit educators who suffered financial hardship due to retaliation for exercising their right to work safely and remotely were approved by the House of Delegates at its March 3, 2021 meeting. After passing this resolution, most delegates pledged some or all of the stipend money they had earned for participating in the Special House of Delegates Meetings held during the struggle for a safe reopening plan. The GoFundMe page for locked out educators had raised more than $100,000 at the time of the meeting and is still accepting donations. The American Federation of Teachers has pledged an additional $100,000 to support these front line fighters. At the meeting, delegates pledged nearly $40,000 more to support them. With an estimated cost of $300,000 to make our members whole, we are collectively near our goal. We encourage solidarity donations to the GoFundMe page for locked out educators to stand with our CTU family who took great risks to fight for our safety.

Item for Action:

There was a proposal from the floor at the February House of Delegates Meeting to give all locked out members a $2,000 check coming from the CTU’s treasury.

The Trustees discussed this proposal. The principal shortcomings of the proposal were: (1) the proposal to give all [previously] locked out members $2,000 does not make sense because not all members were locked out for the same amount of time—some lost only a day, and others lost a month—nor are all previously locked out members in the same financial situation; and (2) we currently have approximately $180k available in the Hardship Fund.

The application for these funds was made available to members on the website for all members that were either, locked out or were denied pay for participating with a work action due date to turn in application with all necessary documents. Upon receiving all documentation from members and once verified, each member will receive a one-time stipend of $1,000. After proper calculations each member will receive the difference of 80% of their take home pay.

CTU Proposal:

Provide financial support to members experiencing financial hardship due to being locked out. Members who suffered financial loss due to being locked out while participating in the CTU campaign to win a reopening agreement are eligible.

  • Members applied for assistance and provided documentation. We have established a committee to review these applications.
  • Assistance is determined based on the amount of paid time lost.
  • Initially, the GoFund Me was funded through donations. We will re-evaluate future donations depending on demand.

In addition, there was a motion from the floor about delegates donating their stipends to the Hardship Fund.

  • There have been three special delegates meetings and any delegate who attended all three received $45 per meeting, totaling a $135 stipend.
  • It does NOT necessarily make sense to donate all of these stipends—many delegates were themselves locked out—nor does it make sense to treat all delegates as being in the same situation.
  • Proposal would be to make an appeal to all members to make a Hardship Fund donation.