We won a big benefit for teachers seeking a Bilingual or ESL endorsement in our successful 2019 strike. Teachers who are interested in going back to college starting in 2021
to obtain their bilingual and/or ESL teacher endorsement can attend classes at half price through the five university partners CPS has contracted to fulfill the provisions of the Article 46-4.2.

Article 46-4.2

The BOARD and the UNION acknowledge the need for endorsed Bilingual Certified Teachers to ensure English Learners receive services required by state and federal law. The BOARD will offer at least 50% reduced tuition opportunities with partner universities for teachers to earn their Bilingual and/or ESL endorsement.

Partner University Endorsement Programs

Lewis University

National Louis University

  • Applications Due: March 26
  • Classes Start: April 5
  • Contact: Maurie Richie (MRichie@nl.edu)

Northeastern Illinois University

  • Applications Due: November 1st
  • Classes Start: January 11
  • Contact: Gina Gamboa (G-Gamboa@neiu.edu)

Truman College

University of St. Francis

Other Key Provisions and Requirements

If OLCE receives more applications that spaces available, priority will be given to:
  • teachers interested in pursuing their bilingual endorsement
  • early childhood educators
  • middle & high school content area teachers
  • those teaching Special Education

Applicants will need to complete two applications: an online form through OLCE (now live and due on November 25) to be considered for the 50% tuition support, as well as an admissions application from one of the five university partners listed above. For teachers seeking out other opportunities, please refer to the following Knowledge Center site: cps.edu/keeplearning.

CTU Partner University

Previously, we incorrectly included the information about this half-price program among the other programs partnered with Chicago Public Schools. However, Roosevelt University is partnered directly with the CTU to provide their endorsement program at a 54 percent discount. You do not need to apply through the OLCE program to receive this discount. Contact Roosevelt directly using the information below.

Roosevelt University (CTU Partner)