Update: CPS confirms 12/23 payout for November incentive pay!

As a result of our advocacy, today CPS has confirmed and posted to Frontline that the November monthly incentive for guest teachers ($420 or $1000) will pay out for all that are eligible this Friday, December 23.

Thanks again to our Guest Teacher Leaders — all members of the CTU Substitute & Displaced Teachers Committee — who flagged that CPS’ processing error delayed their Incentive Pay for the month of November and organized to help pressure CPS to speed up payment. CTU staff and leadership were able to then advocate with CPS leadership and managers to ensure this payment would be received before the holidays. We’re delighted that together we’ve been able to push CPS to step up these payments by a week — and fix the problem going forward.

If you’re a Guest Teacher and you do not receive your November Incentive Pay, please fill out the form here (Incentive Pay Form).

To get involved with the CTU Substitute & Displaced Teachers Committee, please contact Georgia Waller at GeorgiaWaller@ctulocal1.org or Jim Staros at JimStaros@ctulocal1.org. The next committee meeting will be on January 17th, 2023.