Election Day is Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Your vote in this fall’s general election will be essential to securing your rights. Voting YES for the Workers’ Rights Amendment to the Illinois Constitution is at the top of your ballot. In addition, your vote will decide contests between candidates for the U.S. Senate and House; Illinois governor; state constitutional officers and legislators and Cook County Board.

General Election Endorsements

Read our current endorsements list and get more information about voting early or on November 8 at ctulocal1.org/vote. In addition, we highly recommend consulting the Injustice Watch guide to judicial elections to make sense of important races that often “fly under the radar.” And if you live outside Chicago and you are looking for a voter guide for your district, the Illinois Federation of Teachers’ endorsement list has you covered.


Workers’ Rights Amendment (WRA)

Read more about the Workers’ Rights Amendment.

This amendment to the Illinois Constitution is the first question on the ballot in the November election. It guarantees the right of workers to negotiate for safe working conditions and fair pay. For example, the WRA benefits working people by ensuring healthcare workers can speak out about safety, putting patient care ahead of Insurance and healthcare industry profits.

Example of how the Workers Rights Amendment will appear on the November 8 ballot.

We know that on average, union workers earn 15% more than their non-union counterparts, especially in states with anti-worker laws. In addition, union members are also more likely to have access to affordable health care and have higher levels of homeownership than those not covered by a bargaining agreement.

At a time of rising costs and inflation, we need to ensure that we are protecting the security of our members, as well as future generations of workers. In an editorial for the Chicago Sun Times, Frank Manzo agrees that the workers’ rights amendment will be good for public budgets. He calls it one of the most “effective ways to strengthen our state’s finances” by having a workforce that is well compensated.

Stand up for yourself and for other workers by voting for the Workers’ Rights Amendment.

Ways to vote

Vote by Mail

This is the most convenient way to vote. You can apply now to vote by mail, right up until November 3! The Board of Elections will mail your ballot to you to fill out in the comfort of your home. Mail ballots must be postmarked by November 8 to be counted.

Early Voting

Supersite at 191 N. Clark
Voting begins Thursday, September 29
Open weekdays and weekends.

50 sites for 50 wards
Voting begins Monday, October 24

Learn more about Early Voting on the Chicago Board of Elections website.