Flex Day Agreement

As CTU members will recall, in October the Union reached an agreement on an MOU with CPS to provide relief on the issue of the short paycheck for the pay period that includes Thanksgiving. That MOU provided, amongst other things, for the rearranging of several vacation and professional development days, including June 7 and June 10. After the MOU was executed, we heard from concerned members whose schools had voted to flex the principal-directed time on June 10 to be completed at other points in the year. By converting June 10 to a vacation day, and June 7 to a principal-directed professional development day, those schools would have ended up with a disproportionate amount of principal-directed professional development time.

Last week we reached an agreement with CPS on an amendment to the MOU such that any school that chose to flex principal-directed time for June 10, 2024 will convert an equivalent amount of time to teacher-directed on June 7, 2024. Bargaining unit employees may choose either in-person or virtual participation for any such teacher-directed school improvement time, provided that it does not interfere with principal-directed professional development for schools that flexed less than the entirety of work hours for June 10, 2024 such that some portion of June 7, 2024 will remain principal-directed.

Both CPS and CTU have conducted surveys of schools and believe we have a complete list of all schools that had taken flex votes and are entitled to the relief described above. If your school falls into this category, please raise the issue in your next PPC meeting to ensure that your school is adjusting its schedule accordingly. Please contact your field representative with any issues, and we will address them with CPS to ensure compliance with the Amendment to the MOU.

Thaddeus H. Goodchild
Deputy General Counsel
Chicago Teachers Union

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