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It’s official: over 500 CTU members at 15 UNO/Acero charter schools are on strike—the first strike of a charter operator in U.S. history.

Our educators are fighting for more resources for our students, and better working conditions for our educators. Management instead has refused any wage increase for our underpaid paraprofessionals, insisted on class sizes of 32—four more than the target for CPS classrooms, refused to increase desperately short-staffed special education positions, refused our efforts to bring nurses into each school, refused to provide wrap-around services for students, and even refused to include sanctuary school language in our contract for our overwhelmingly Latinx students.

CTU members at UNO/Acero work hundreds of hours more than CTU members in district schools, for an average of $13,000 per year less. Paraprofessionals—the backbone of our school communities—earn even less. Management’s take of public dollars went up more than $10 million this year—while spending $1 million LESS on classroom resources.

We’re fighting to end the bad practices of the charter industry and win the schools our students deserve—and you can help! Scroll down for a list of schools with addresses, and join strikers on those picket lines starting at 6:30 AM, Tuesday, December 4.

Today, Tuesday at 1:30 PM, we’ll picket and rally at Acero headquarters, 209 W Jackson Blvd. in downtown Chicago. We’ll be back on the picket lines Wednesday—and for as long as it takes to win the contract and resources our students and educators deserve.

Watch our FacebookTwitter and Instagram feeds for more information upcoming actions, next steps and how you can get involved. Learn more about management’s failures at the bargaining table—and what we’re fighting for for our students. Our educators’ working conditions are our students’ learning conditions—and we’re fighting to improve them both. Join us!

School Address Neighborhood
BrightonPark 4420 S. Fairfield, Chicago BrightonPark
Clemente 2050 N. Natchez, Chicago Galewood
Cruz 7416 N. Ridge, Chicago RogersPark
Fuentes 2845 W. Barry, Chicago Avondale
Santiago 2510 W. Cortez, Chicago HumboldtPark
Idar 5050 S. Homan, Chicago GagePark
Soto 5025 S. St. Louis, Chicago GagePark
Tamayo 5135 S. California, Chicago GagePark
LasCasas 1641 W. 16th St., Chicago Pilsen
Marquez 2916 W. 47th St, Chicago BrightonPark
Zizumbo (VMC) 4248 W. 47thSt, Chicago ArcherHeights
Garcia (VMC) 4248 W. 47thSt, Chicago ArcherHeights
Paz 2651 W. 23rd St, Chicago LittleVillage
Torres (VMC) 4248 W. 47thSt, Chicago ArcherHeights
Cisneros 2744 W. Pershing Rd, Chicago BrightonPark