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It is essential that every school and citywide functional group have a delegate at this critical time, as we negotiate back-to-work conditions.

Last week the CTU Executive Board approved the procedure to fill delegate vacancies during the pandemic.

Resolution passed by the Executive Board:

The President of the Union shall fill interim delegate vacancies by appointment during the pandemic. Elections as required by the CTU Constitution shall take place for these positions as soon as possible when legally and logistically feasible.

Applying for appointment to delegate

Members interested in being appointed delegate must contact membership@ctulocal1.org for information on current delegate vacancies. In your correspondence, you must must include your name, the name of your school or citywide functional group, your request to be appointed to a vacant delegate position and your contact information. Once a process has been established in which an election can be held that is legally and logistically feasible, delegate appointments will be subject to an election.

Delegate Duties

Appointed delegates will have the same responsibilities as elected delegates. In particular, school delegates will assist in conducting the flex schedule and assessment votes.

Email Membership Dept