Please make sure you read the Chicago Public Schools guidance sent by email Sunday night, March 15, 2020. Yes, you should be communicating with students, parents and administrators. Yes, you should be providing appropriate enrichment activities. But the guidance that was sent does not create super-specific mandates.

It does not require that any assignments given during this time be graded during this time. Assignments can be given and turned in by students later.

If your administration appears to be requiring things since Sunday night that go above and beyond the district guidance (like an extremely specific number of assignments, hours or length, or requiring any grading during this period) and is trying to enforce these requirements by threatening discipline, courteously inquire by email whether a) it’s required, and b) what will happen if you are unable to comply?

Delegates, Contract Action Team members and PPC members can help with this kind of communication if you are nervous. Cite the CPS guidance email sent on Sunday night. Do your best. We know this first day is hard, but things will become more clear as time goes by if we stick together, and communicate effectively and responsibly.