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Tele-Town Hall this Sunday

The CTU is holding a special Tele–Town Hall at 6:00 p.m., Sunday, October 18 to discuss key issues related to CPS’ plan to return Pre-K and SPEd cluster students back into our buildings in November. All CTU members will be phoned at 6:00 p.m. on Sunday. Answer your phone and join us for this important call!

Sunday, October 18
6:00 p.m. On Your Phone

CPS publicly announced today that they plan to return roughly 5,000 workers and thousands of Pre-K and special needs cluster students to unsafe buildings as early as November. This ‘plan’ comes as COVID-19 is surging across the Cityat a time when the mayor should be doing everything in her power to get this pandemic under control instead. Announcing this return to unsafe buildings now is blind to the conditions our communities confront.

Educators and students deserve safety—yet CPS is dangerously silent on actual plan details or safety guarantees.

CPS is asking CTU members to ‘trust’ them in their scheme to push teachers, clinicians and paraprofessionals back into unsafe buildings. It’s wrong to unilaterally roll out a dangerous plan without consultation or cooperation with our members and our CPS families. Forcing at-risk students back into unsafe buildings because CPS has failed to support these students during remote learning is exactly the wrong approach to take. It’s dangerous and irresponsible.

Join us for this important tele–town hall on Sunday!

Our officers will take questions on these issues, discuss the status of our conversations with CPS, and talk about next steps. Don’t miss this Tele-Town Hall. Answer your phone when we call you at 6:00 today! You can press 0 to ask a question or share your comment.