A black and white map of Chicago showing “Terroristic Attacks”, “Repeated Attacks” and “Negro Occupancy.”

The Color Tax: The Origins of the Modern-Day Racial Wealth Gap


In Chicago, housing segregation and theft of Black wealth through blockbusting, redlining and restrictive covenants have a long history. Federal housing agencies aided and abetted realtors, banks and developers for decades in blatantly denying Black families equity and access to affordable housing. That shameful legacy remains with us today. In our predominantly Black and Brown school district, nearly 20,000 of our own students are homeless or housing insecure.

This new documentary, set to air next February on WTTW, can help you teach the history of this local and national discrimination in the critical years following WWII. Participants will preview the documentary and have a Q&A with the director, Bruce Orenstein, and with historians Beryl Satter and Charles Branham whose research inspired and contributed to the documentary.

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  1. Introduction from the CTU Housing Committee
  2. Preview of the film The Color Tax (37 minutes) .
  3. Reflections, discussion, questions and answers

In addition, if you are interested in teach about and fighting around housing issues, we encourage you to join the CTU Housing Committee.