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December 8, 2018 @ 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Chicago Teachers Union Center
1901 W. Carroll Ave.
IL 60612
Jennifer Johnson, CTU Chief of Staff

Images from the movement to win justice for torture victims overlayed by the words “Reparations Won: Professional Development”

6.5 ISBE PD Hours – FREE of charge

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2018-2019 is the second school year that middle and high school teachers must teach about the history of torture committed under the direction of disgraced Police Commander Jon Burge and the fight waged by survivors and their allies for justice. In 2015, organizers won the passage of a Chicago city ordinance which awarded a full reparations package to survivors and included the creation of the “Reparations Won” curriculum which CPS finally launched. This curriculum is a challenge to teach and teachers will need strong preparation, as well as time to collaborate and plan. The CTU and CTUF Quest Center supported the development of the curriculum and worked with rank and file educators to develop this professional development series.

This PD is divided into three modules: 1) before teaching the curriculum, 2) teaching the curriculum, and 3) after teaching the curriculum. The modules will include workshop time for participants to think and plan.

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