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March 25, 2020 @ 8:30 am – 3:30 pm
CTU Center
1901 W. Carroll Street
IL 60612

NOTE: CTU will also hold a training all day on Saturday, March 28. Any member may attend the Saturday Conference.

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About the Conference

Our new contract creates a tremendous opportunity to build our power in the classroom. This spring’s Building Delegates and School Leaders Conference will be a space for learning and collaboration that expands the knowledge learned at the conference in January. Register below.

Workshops topics will include:

  • implementing the new class size contract language
  • fighting for new sources of progressive revenue
  • using PPCs, PSCs, PPLCs, and LSCs to make your school better
  • putting new sports contract wins into motion
  • the new bilingual education contract language
  • sustainable community schools, and many more…

So, join us to

  • Build contract knowledge, organizing skills, and leadership experience.
  • If you’re new to union activism, learn from veterans about how to find people in your school to work with
  • If you’re a veteran, think about who you can bring along to help train a new generation of union leaders.

Your union needs you.

Delegate pre-registration

Delegates may pool their monthly duty-free release time (per Article 1-14.1 of the CPS contract) and be released with pay to attend our March 25, 2020 Delegates Training. This pre-registration authorizes CTU to contact CPS, who will arrange with your principal for release on that day.You must pre-register by Monday, March 16 to be released on March 25.

Those who pre-register today will still need to register with CTU later, when the union finalizes the list of workshops for the day. At that time, CTU will need you to choose your workshops for planning purposes.

If the form below doesn’t load, submit your pre-registration using the CTU forms site.