December 11, 2023 @ 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm
CTU Center
1901 W. Carroll Ave.
IL 60612
Casey Sweeney

Since 2015, CPS employees in a growing list of positions have been newly added to the CTU bargaining unit for the district, officially known as “newly accreted” groups. We’re hosting this meeting to get input and involvement from CTU members working in these positions so your needs can be best addressed in the new contract we are negotiating with the district which will take effect in the fall of 2024. We are also working to resolve issues still lingering from the last contract. If you’re not sure whether you are in one of these groups of recently added members, please see the list below the signup.

Job titles included in the newly accreted groups include: Attendance Coordinator, Attendance and Truancy Specialist, CTE Academy Coordinator, CTE College and Career Coordinator, Case Manager, College and Career Coach, College and Career Specialists, College and Career Equity Specialists, Comprehensive Service Coordinator, Curriculum and Instructional Coach, Day-to-day Substitute School Clerk, Day-to-day Teacher Assistant, Displaced FTB Cadre-100 Days, Displaced Full Time Basis Cadre, Provisional Certificate Substitute Teacher, Short Time Substitute Teacher, Family Engagement Coordinator, Gear-Up Coach, Instructional Support Leader, High School Programmer, High School Support Teacher, Acting Head Teacher, Head Teacher, International Baccalaureate Teacher, Teacher-Citywide, Resident Teacher, Program Option Teacher, Lead Teacher, Lead Coach, Literacy Coach, Literacy Intervention Teacher, Lifeguard, Magnet Program Specialist, Network College and Career Specialist, Part-time school Counselor, Program Schedule Clerk, Provisional Cadre, Resident Social Worker, Restorative Justice Coordinator, School Counseling Office Assistant, School Counseling Specialists, School Counselor, Social Worker Assistant, Special Education Support Clerk, Teacher Assistant Bilingual I, Teacher Assistant Bilingual II, Teacher Assistant Bilingual Spanish I, Teacher Assistant Bilingual Spanish II, Teacher-Speech Pathologist, Youth Intervention Specialist.