At the November 1, 2023 House of Delegates meeting, all voting delegates who are members of the Elementary School Teachers functional group had the opportunity to vote for six of the twelve candidates listed below to fill the six unexpired terms for Functional Vice President of Elementary School Teachers on the CTU Executive Board.

At the meeting, elementary school teachers cast 226 ballots. Five candidates received more than 113 votes (50 percent of ballots cast): Rogelio Aguilar, Diane Castro, Joyce Jefferson, Vicki Kurzydlo and Jeannine Woods. Those five will be seated at the next Executive Board meeting to fulfill the remainder of the term.

Of the remaining candidates, Michelle Correa and Wendy Weingarten received the greatest number of votes. In accordance with the rules and procedures for the election of these positions, a runoff election between them, to be held at the December 6, 2023 House of Delegates meeting, will determine who fills the remaining vacancy for the rest of the term.

15166.8%Rogelio AguilarMarquette School of Excellence
5223.0%Ana BolotinPrieto Math & Science Academy
6629.2%Natasha CarlsenCamras Children’s Engineering School
15066.4%Diane CastroLorca Elementary School
8537.6%Michelle CorreaPeterson Elementary School
2511.1%Darnell DowdRay Elementary School
11450.4%Joyce JeffersonBeasley Academic Center
15669.0%Vicki KurzydloSauganash Elementary School
2611.5%Marrissa SeidlerBurbank Elementary School
7734.1%Gabriel SheridanRay Elementary School
8236.3%Wendy WeingartenLaSalle II Magnet School
15568.5%Jeannine WoodsHaines Elementary School

Thanks and congratulations to these new Elementary Teacher Functional Vice Presidents and to all twelve of the teachers who stepped up to serve our union members.