CTU delegates vote to endorse VP Joe Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris for president and vice president

CHICAGO, Oct. 7, 2020—The Chicago Teachers Union governing body, the 600-member House of Delegates, voted overwhelmingly tonight to endorse Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris for president and vice president of the United States.

“This is by far the most important election that I’ve witnessed, and I think most of you know that I’m 102 years-old,” said CTU retiree delegate Bea Lumpkin during tonight’s meeting. “What’s on the line is stopping the fascist takeover of our country, and that’s important in whatever state you live in.”

“It’s a life and death issue, and don’t underestimate the importance of the Chicago Teachers Union endorsement,” Lumpkin continued. “We belong there with the rest of our allies in defense of our democratic rights.”