End-of-year dates revised

At the April 25th Chicago Board of Education meeting, the following schedule was adopted to make up for the snow day this winter:

Tuesday, June 19th becomes the final student attendance day.

Wednesday, June 20th becomes the teacher-directed school improvement day.

Thursday, June 21st becomes the principal-directed flex professional development day.

If you have redistributed the June flex day as after school meetings during the year, you will not have to attend on June 21st.

The amended calendar can be found at http://www.cpsboe.org/content/actions/2018_04/18-0425-ED1.pdf.

Assessment Voting

Article 44-32.2 of the Contract provides that schools shall determine assessments to be administered and that every spring teachers and principal will collaborate to develop a recommend plan for which, if any, non-mandatory assessments will be given during the next year at their school.  At least one week after such a plan which has been discussed in the PPC and presented to the staff, the teachers and principal will vote on the assessment plan, using an agreed upon voting procedure.  A unanimous vote of the PPC can authorize a particular grade band or department/subject area to hold a vote on an assessment applicable only to that group.  The staff vote must take place no later than one week before the final day of student attendance.

If the recommended assessment plan is not adopted by majority vote, the principal and network will meet with the faculty to devise a possible alternative plan.  If the network/principal and the faculty cannot agree on an alternative plan, either party “may submit the plan for resolution at strategic bargaining.”

LSC representatives are encouraged to ensure that these decisions are correctly reflected in the Continuous Improvement Work Plan (CWIP).