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UPDATE: Please consult our Schedule Votes guidance page for full information, including forms and sample forms.

Elementary 15-Minute Model Schedule/ Prep Votes:

There are three models presented for the 15-minute prep periods. The principal, after consultation with the PPC, may offer a choice between two of the three models described. Such a schedule vote would include all CTU teacher members. If the principal proposes a unique schedule or proposes other changes to the 15-minute prep periods, a waiver is required. CTU members assigned to the building may vote. Only one such flex-day waiver may be proposed and the vote on it should include the specific Contract provision being waived. The vote is a yes/no vote and, if the vote fails, then the 15-minute morning prep twice weekly shall be the schedule. All waivers must be submitted to the Union with a copy of the ballot used. For further guidance, see the documents below or contact your field representative.

Flex Schedule Votes:

Both elementary and high school CTU members will be voting on flex day schedules for the 2019-20 school year. The Easy Reference Guide summarizes the ‘standard options’ available. Scheduling these days should be discussed collaboratively by the PPC and the principal and should be presented and explained in a staff meeting during school hours.

The principal and the PPC may come to a consensus to adopt Option 1 (August 26/27, 2019 and June 18, 2020). This does not require a vote. Please document in your PPC minutes and inform your CTU field rep if you are the delegate. If, after consultation with the PPC, the principal decides to offer a different option (2-4G), this will necessitate a waiver vote. This is a yes/no vote on that one option and all CTU members are eligible to vote. If the vote fails, the ‘default’ schedule (two August days, one in June) prevails. All waivers must be submitted to the Union with a copy of the ballot used via modelschedulevote@ctulocal1.org.

Please contact your field representative and consult the full scheduling guide with any questions.