We’d like to take a moment to recognize the power of solidarity

Two CTU members in red out in the cold knocking on doors with hands full of Brandon for Chicago leaflets.

In recent weeks, CTU members fanned out across the city — on foot and electronically — to make the case to thousands of voters about the importance of investing in schools, housing the unhoused, health care, Three CTU members on the street with a clipboard canvassing.effective public transportation, LGBTQ+ rights, and environmental protections. Brandon’s campaign is the most diverse, multi-generational, and inspirational we have seen in a long while. This outreach moved people closer to an inclusive and equitable vision of the schools and the city our students deserve.

Our mobilization has already had a significant impact on the mayor’s race. Back in October, many hadn’t yet come to know Brandon Johnson as the teacher, father, husband, and organizer that many of us already knew him to be. Today, just a few months later, Brandon is a first-rank contender. Our efforts have also had a major impact on the 17 aldermanic races where we made an endorsement.

Building Power

The CTU has worked for ten years plus to build our power to change conditions in our schools and communities. This included building a coalition of labor and community in the founding of the United Working Families party where working people—including CTU members and CPS parents—could express political power to win the changes we all need and deserve. Brandon has gone from an unknown and 3% in polling to 20% in polling in a manner of a few months.

It’s no exaggeration to say that our power, in coalition with our powerful movement organizations, is mobilizing and energizing the entire city. Each individual casts their own ballot, but an election is a collective and participatory process. And that’s what our Union does best — organize, focus, and amplify our individual voices into a collective power.

Our unity is what will make a difference on Election Day, just as it does in bargaining contracts, working out problems with our PPCs or winning change in Springfield. We’re building a movement to transform the city, and movements are made of smaller actions that combine to become greater than the sum of their parts.

Two CTU members going door to door with Lori Torres Whitt palm cards.By the numbers

Thousands of members have already voted – those who haven’t, remember to vote tomorrow. You can find your polling place online. But the votes that we ourselves have cast in this election are just the tip of the iceberg.

By the end of this past weekend, the CTU had organized hundreds of volunteers to make more than 45,000 phone calls, send more than 60,000 texts, and knock on some 10,000 doors.

This is an enormous contribution to the movement for a Chicago that all its residents deserve. Thank you for being a part of it, and claiming your place in the history that we make together.

A CTU family of mother, father and baby in carriage pose for a group selfie holdin a Brandon Johnson sign.