Election Day is only a week away. As educators and members of our school community, you know how important electoral work is when it comes to building a better Chicago for everyone. 

Here are two important races we want to highlight as especially crucial to our movement. 

We’re looking to you — and all of our members — to take action as Election Day approaches.

Ballot Measure 1, also known as the “Bring Chicago Home” ballot question. This measure aims to create a regular source of funding for homeless services in Chicago by increasing the one-time real estate transfer tax on properties sold for over $1 million. Thousands of our students experiencing homelessness will benefit from this initiative. Unfortunately, wealthy building owners and Republican hedge fund millionaires are trying to kill it. They failed to do so through legal means, so now they are resorting to spreading lies about it. They claim that it is a “tax hike” on regular people, but the truth is that any property purchased for less than $1 million will see the tax go down. They’re also calling it the “Brandon Johnson tax,” in an effort to smear our union brother. The reality is that the Mayor’s commitment to providing housing for people across the city, including thousands of our students, improves everyone’s lives through stability at home and in neighborhoods. 

Clayton Harris III is running for Cook County State’s Attorney. Harris is running against a candidate backed by the same people who are trying to stop the Bring Chicago Home initiative. His opponent knowingly prosecuted an eleven-year-old who was coerced into a confession.  In contrast, Harris shares our members’ values, supporting policies that keep people safe and protect the right to a fair trial. He prioritizes restorative justice, the Pre-Trial Fairness Act, and working to end the mass incarceration of Black and Brown communities.

We urge you to vote for Bring Chicago Home and Clayton Harris III and take action this upcoming week. 

Here’s our list of events for the week leading up to Election Day. We need you to help us win these important elections.

Week of Action 

Tuesday: Sign Up to Volunteer

Find a canvass next weekend and sign up to make a real impact. You can use this link to get started: http://www.mobilize.us/ctu 

Wednesday: Flyer Your School

Before or after school, join a team of co-workers and distribute Bring Chicago Home flyers to parents at your school. Let’s spread the word and mobilize support! Make sure you are off the clock during this time. If you need more flyers, please email Organizing at organizing@ctu.org. 

Thursday: Carpool to the Polls 

Organize members to march to the polls and vote at your nearest early voting site. Find the nearest polling location here: https://chicagoelections.gov/voting/early-voting 

(also) Thursday: CTU’s Election Day Training

Please stay tuned for more information on our Election Day training. Equip yourself with the knowledge to make a difference. To help educate voters before or after school on March 19, Election Day, please email organizing@ctu.org with your name and school name.. 

Friday: Red Shirt Day 

Off the clock, gather your fellow union members, don your red shirts, and take a picture with Bring Chicago Home signs. Let’s showcase our unity and commitment!