Respect veteran teachers and our contract!

Take Action Now

Our 11-day strike forced CPS to recognize the contributions of its veteran teachers, and make countless other improvements in an historic contract for CPS students and staff. As soon as CTU members voted to ratify the agreement, however, the district broke our deal and demanded that most of the $25 million be paid in one-time lump sum bonuses rather than added to veteran teachers’ base salaries.

This is bad faith bargaining, unlawful retaliation and punishment for 9,000 of the most skilled and seasoned teachers in CPS. If the district can renege on its commitments to our most valuable teachers, we have no faith it will live up to its other promises for smaller class sizes, nurses and social workers in every school, and everything else promised to Chicago’s public school educators, students and families.

Take action today by emailing the Board of Education and letting its members know that you stand with veteran teachers, and demand that the Board voluntarily honors this deal without having to be legally forced to do so.