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A Delegate Directory is in development that will carefully share your contact information with only the other elected delegates of the Chicago Teachers Union. You can opt to withhold your information from other delegates if you choose. Information on opting out is below.

Last year, the House of Delegates passed a resolution to create an online delegates directory to facilitate cooperation among delegates. Delegates wanted to easily contact their fellow delegates at nearby schools or in positions similarly situated so they could: develop network-wide campaigns, discuss upcoming votes, find out if their principal’s new directive was popping up elsewhere, and more.

Delegates and staff were also concerned that we do not want this directory to get out of delegates’ hands, or to become someone’s mailing list. So we are developing this technology inside the password-protected MemberLink portal. We are also ensuring that personal contact information is only visible for one delegate at a time. Below, you can see a screenshot of an early design for the technology.

ILLUSTRATION: Delegate Directory

(Screenshot of the beta version of the Delegates Directory.)

As you can see from the screenshot above, after logging in a delegate can proceed to the Delegate Directory page (visible only to other CTU delegates) and must click an individual listing for that person’s contact information to appear. If a delegate has filled out the Delegate Directory Opt-Out Form, the information they choose to withhold will not appear.

We hope delegates will provide all or, at least, some form of personal contact information for their fellow delegates. We hope, as well, that the Delegate Directory will facilitate bottom-up organizing and mutual support from school to school.