2:30 p.m. briefing will take place at the office of CPS lead counsel Jim Franczek, 300 S. Wacker Drive, Chicago.

CHICAGO, July 18, 2019—Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) Vice President Stacy Davis Gates will be available this afternoon to provide an update on the first day of fact-finding with Chicago Public Schools, where neutral fact finder Steven Bierig will hear testimony from the Union and the district in the next phase of negotiations for a new Agreement. The press briefing starts at 2:30 p.m. at 300 S. Wacker, in front the office of CPS labor attorney Jim Franczek.

Once the fact finder releases his report, the Union will serve a notice of acceptance or rejection under Section 12(a-10)(5) of the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Act (IELRA). After the fact finding report is released, a 30-day countdown to a possible strike begins under IELRA Section 13(b)(2.5).

“CPS and the mayor are saying ‘trust us,’ but how can parents, students and school communities trust a space that continues to be in breach of special education law?” Davis Gates said. “How does one trust an institution that closed 50 school communities on Black and brown families, and how does anyone in a democracy trust an institution that answers to only one person?

“The only thing our members and stakeholders can trust is a signed collective bargaining agreement that involves the workers in the schools, parents and community stakeholders. In the absence of our ability to bargain over class size, CPS consistently has the highest class sizes in the state. And now we have filthy schools, because there is no longer collective bargaining for custodial services.

“The district is still crying broke, despite receiving $1 billion from Springfield, and refusing to address our demands for good schools in the contract.”