Kamaria Noble, Simpson HS and Amarion Sharkey of King College Prep holding giant checks representing their scholarship awards.

Kamaria Noble, Simpson HS and Amarion Sharkey of King College Prep were each awarded $10,000 toward their goal of becoming teachers through the Karen GJ Lewis Memorial Scholarship.

The Chicago Teachers Union and the Chicago Teachers Union Foundation hosted an inspiring Scholarship and Fine Arts Celebration last night, a testament to the diverse talents of students from various schools across the city. This event celebrated academic excellence and highlighted the vibrant arts community within Chicago Public Schools. The room was filled with students, parents, and educators, all united in their appreciation of the diverse talents on display.

The evening began with captivating performances and stunning exhibitions. The Nash Elementary Young Artists and ChiArts visual arts team kicked off the event with their imaginative and colorful artworks, displaying a range of styles, mediums, and photography that created the art gallery at the celebration. Their segment highlighted the versatility and creativity of ChiArts students, leaving a lasting impression on all attendees.

Young dancers from Beasley Elementary perform on stage in the CTU’s Jackie Vaughn Hall.

Members of the Beasley Elementary Dance Team perform We Are the World.

The Whitney Young Dance Team took the stage, delivering an energetic, beautifully choreographed dance routine demonstrating their dedication and skill. ChiArts Performing Arts Team added a unique blend of artistic talents with live performances. The Beasley Academic Dance Team continued the momentum with a dynamic and synchronized performance that showcased their precision and creativity. Their routine was a testament to their hard work and passion for dance. Their performance set a high standard for the evening and received enthusiastic applause from the crowd. The evening concluded with an impressive presentation by the Westinghouse Broadcast Team. Their media production and storytelling skills were on full display, demonstrating the power of broadcast journalism in capturing and conveying powerful narratives.

The CTU Scholarship committee selected 16 children of CTU members to receive this year’s academic scholarships. This year, two students were selected to receive the Karen GJ Lewis scholarship, which supports them in becoming future educators.

Karen GJ Lewis Scholarship

Kamaria Noble, Simpson HS
Amarion Sharkey, King College Prep

John M. Fewkes Scholarship

Malika Redmond, Lindblom HS

Robert M. Healey Scholarship

Yousuf Ahmed, Taft HS

Beatrice Lumpkin Scholarship

Kevin Flanagan, Mather

Mary J. Herrick Scholarship

Arielle Winston, Whitney Young HS

Ernestine C. Brown Scholarship

Isabella Williams, Whitney Young

David M. Peterson Scholarship

Haley Foss, Taft

John P. Desmond Scholarship

Samantha Thomas, McAuley

Jeffrey J. Jennings Scholarship

Amari Sails, Whitney Young

Jacqueline B. Vaughn Scholarship

Finlay McIntosh, Jones College Prep

William “Bill” Buchanan Scholarship

Henry Bao, Walter Payton

Dr. Margaret Burroughs Scholarship

Conor Glynn, Senn

Social Justice/Restorative Practice Scholarship

Miguel Ramirez, Von Steuben

Social Justice/Restorative Practice Scholarship

Melody Dorantes, Lane Tech

Public Education Advocate Scholarship

Jordan Kaplan, Von Steuben

Public Education Advocate Scholarship

Galia Quezada, Von Steuben

Education Advocate Award

Leah Norwood, Kenwood

President Stacy Davis Gates shakes the hand of Kevin Flanagan, one of sixteen scholarship winners.

President Stacy Davis Gates shakes the hand of Kevin Flanagan, one of sixteen scholarship winners.

As Stacy Davis Gates, CTU President, said to awardees in her keynote, “You are an investment in humanity… We have great expectations of you — we want you to be happy and healthy first. And we want you to try hard things, to do wonderful things.”

Thank you to all the students, parents, and members who made this event so inspiring. Your dedication and hard work are truly appreciated, and you are all doing wonderful things that make a difference in our community. Shout out to Diana Muhamad, Beasley Dance Team teacher; Jeanette Gordon, Whitney Young, Dance Team Teacher; Hailey Nash Elementary Arts Teacher; Melissa Arning and Patrick Lentz, ChiArts Performing and Visual Arts Teachers; and John Johnson, Westinghouse Broadcast Teacher.