The following resolution was adopted at the May 1, 2019, CTU House of Delegates Meeting.

Whereas, Chicago is experiencing a massive crunch on low income/affordable housing as neighborhoods gentrify and the 2008 foreclosure crisis continues to ripple through many of our communities; and

Whereas, There is a direct relationship between the largest destruction of public housing in the nation’s history from the 1999 Chicago Housing Authority’s Plan for Transformation to Rahm’s greatest closure of public schools in U.S. history in 2013; and

Whereas, The city has lost over 200,000 African American residents and Chicago Public Schools has seen a loss of over 60,000 students over the last ten (10) plus years as Chicago drastically restricted access to affordable housing and Section 8 vouchers; and

Whereas, Many CPS students, teachers and staff are also experiencing pressures from a rising housing/rental market and are at risk of becoming displaced from their homes; and

Whereas, CPS requires all non-charter public school employees hired after 1997 to live in the city of Chicago; and

Whereas, Rent control or stabilization regulates how much rent can increase over a 12- month period. Rent control should not be confused with a rent freeze, or rent cap, which it is not. Rent control also prevents landlords from evicting tenants for no reason, requiring “good cause” for eviction; therefore, be it

Resolved, That the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) will formally join the Lift the Ban Coalition and send one (1) officer or staffer and member to the monthly coalition meetings;

Resolved, That the CTU will develop educational materials for delegates to share important facts about the Lift the Ban campaign, its links to our contract campaign, student and teacher housing issues, student enrollment and the well-being of our students and membership; and be it finally

Resolved, That CTU delegates will share this vital information, Resolution, FAQ and PowerPoint with their schools at their next union meeting to spread knowledge and awareness around the issue.