Many members have noted that some REACH Performance Tasks (PTs) are educationally inappropriate, especially at the early childhood and elementary levels. The tasks do not take into account students with disabilities or the normal scope of skills and content taught.

In addition, CPS delays in printing and delivery have caused beginning-of-the-year PTs to be given months into the school year. That makes their results inaccurate representations of the knowledge with which students start the year. It also gives an inaccurate depiction of the “growth” that is supposed to be measured by PTs over the whole school year.

The CTU team raised these concerns with CPS at the Teacher Evaluation Joint Committee meeting two weeks ago. We advocated for PTs to be made available earlier in the year and to more accurately reflect knowledge students are expected to have at the start of school year.

Members should know that in response to concerns that the Union has raised, CPS just extended the PT deadline to December.

CPS has also said members should share PT concerns directly with the Assessment Office’s Kris Reichmann, and Peter Leonard,

We strongly encourage you to share students’ reactions to content, specific inappropriate areas, misuse of instructional time, etc. Please copy your CTU field representative so that we can document responses and hold CPS accountable for teachers’ concerns.

Remember, email your concerns DIRECTLY to the two CPS Assessment Office staff below:

Learn more about REACH and CPS evaluations at this link.