Thanks to the collective efforts of our union, the dedication of members like you, and our spirit of solidarity with allies supporting public education and essential public services, we achieved something extraordinary this year: we elected one of our own, Brandon Johnson, as the Mayor of Chicago. This remarkable achievement would not have been possible without the support of our very own CTU Political Action Committee (CTU PAC).

But Mayor Johnson’s election is not CTU PAC’s only recent achievement. In elections won, in legislation passed and in development of political leadership through vehicles like United Working Families, the PAC has profoundly reshaped the political terrain in Chicago. Decades of oppositional mayors, city councils and legislatures have undermined public education and public services and have stood in the way of efforts to win the schools Chicago’s students deserve. The CTU PAC powers our efforts to sweep those political obstacles out of the way.

The PAC has helped cement alliances and supported political allies that brought about big wins in Springfield, such as:

  • the restoration of our bargaining rights,
  • need-based education funding on a statewide level,
  • the establishment of Chicago’s first ever elected, representative school board
  • the right for retired PSRPs to work as substitute educators,
  • union neutrality agreements at all charter schools in Illinois,
  • prohibitions on early childhood standardized testing regimes,
  • and more!

Thanks to the work that the CTU PAC funded and our members helped put into action, our new mayor also has a city council he can work with and which leads the way in supporting the rights of traditionally excluded — Black, Brown and working class — Chicagoans as well as the public services our families rely on.

Our PAC is more than just a financial resource; it is a vehicle of change that empowers us to shape the future of our city in profound ways. Through the PAC, we can ensure that our voices are heard, our values are upheld, and our representatives align with the interests of our union and the broader community we serve. Our PAC also helps fund grassroots political organizing through United Working Families and other key allies.

Here are a few reasons why your contribution to the CTU PAC is critical:

  • Continuing the Momentum: Electing Mayor Brandon Johnson was a historic win, but it’s just the beginning. We must maintain the momentum and work tirelessly to enact the policies and reforms that will improve the lives of Chicago’s students, educators, and families.
  • Supporting Education: Our PAC champions policies that prioritize education funding, smaller class sizes, and equitable access to resources. By donating, you’re investing in the future of education in Chicago.
  • Influencing Decision-Makers: Your support strengthens our ability to influence the decisions made by local and state leaders. It ensures that our concerns are top of mind when critical choices affecting our schools and communities are made.
  • Protecting Our Rights: In an era of changing political landscapes, the CTU PAC acts as a safeguard for our rights as educators. Your contribution allows us to protect our collective bargaining rights and preserve the working conditions that enable us to do our best for our students.

To continue this positive trajectory and achieve even greater success, we need your support. Whether it’s a one-time donation or a recurring contribution, every dollar makes a difference. Your investment in the CTU PAC will help us fund essential campaigns, endorse candidates who share our vision, and mobilize for the change we want to see.

Donate to the CTU PAC today and be part of the ongoing transformation of our city. Together, we can ensure that the voice of educators is heard loud and clear in the halls of power, and that our schools become beacons of excellence for generations to come.

Use the instructions on our CTU PAC page to set up your contribution. Your generosity will have a lasting impact on our union, our profession, and the future of education in Chicago.

And don’t forget to buy your tickets for the annual Legislators Educators Appreciation Dinner. LEAD is a great opportunity to experience CTU’s political power directly by meeting elected officials whose support we appreciate while contributing to the CTU PAC and enjoying an excellent dinner party at the same time. See you there!