The Chicago Teachers Union sent the following eblast to rank and file members after the monthly House of Delegates meeting on September 28:

The Chicago Teachers Union House of Delegates, the Union’s largest governing body, passed a resolution this evening endorsing rank-and-file educators Mueze Bawany and Leonor “Lori” Torres, and Union organizer and Cook County Commissioner Brandon Johnson in Chicago’s 2023 municipal election.

Bawany, an English teacher at North-Grand High School and graduate of Clinton Elementary, is running for alderperson of the 50th Ward. Torres, a world language (Spanish) teacher at Monroe Elementary and graduate of Piccolo Elementary and Clemente Community Academy, is a mother of three Chicago Public Schools students and candidate for 36th Ward alderperson. Johnson, a father of three CPS students and former teacher at Jenner Academy and Westinghouse College Prep, is exploring a run for mayor of Chicago.

As educators who have spent years serving Chicago’s school communities, Bawany, Johnson and Torres are all uniquely attuned to the needs of students and families, and more than qualified to create the conditions necessary to meet those needs. Each of them believes strongly in partnership, and coalition, and is committed to representing educator values of nurture and care for children and community. And all are committed to leading with — not against — the people they are elected to serve.

“We need a mayor, an alderwoman and an alderman who will provide solutions to our pension crisis, create jobs and affordable housing, and protect the families we educate,” said Kimberly Walls-Kirk, chairperson of the CTU Political Action Committee. “It is time for us to reclaim seats from those who have caused devastation and destruction to our public school system and communities… It is time to put Brandon, Lori and Mueze into office.”

Tonight’s House of Delegates vote is significant not only for its endorsements of candidates and potential candidates, but as an example of democracy at work among individuals who have a vested interest in the City of Chicago. It was a vote among educators, parents, homeowners, taxpayers and consumers, who have every motivation to see Chicago run equitably and run well. They want security, safety and are dedicated to their city, and voted tonight to support other educators who share the same dedication.

“CTU delegates across the city sent a message that we want a progressive, labor-friendly mayor and City Council who will work with educators, parents, school staff and students for a more just and equitable Chicago…a mayor and City Council we can stand shoulder to shoulder with in creating a city that all Chicago residents deserve,” said CTU executive board member Paula Barajas.

Election Reminder

Please mark your calendars and plan to vote in federal, state and local elections in the coming weeks!

We will be voting YES for the Workers’ Rights Amendment (WRA) to the Illinois Constitution, which is an amendment to the Illinois Constitution. It is the first question on the ballot in the November election, and guarantees the right of workers to negotiate for safe working conditions and fair pay. One example of how the WRA benefits working people, is that it would ensure health care workers can speak out about safety, putting patient care ahead of Insurance and health care industry profits. Learn more about the Workers’ Rights Amendment at

We will also be voting for candidates for the U.S. Senate and House, Illinois governor, state constitutional officers and legislators, Cook County Board president and other county-wide officials. More CTU endorsements are coming soon.

Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2022. There are two ways you can vote — vote by mail (apply here, must be postmarked by Nov. 8) and early voting. For early voting, sites are open in all 50 wards throughout the city from Oct. 24 to Nov. 8, and at the Loop supersite at 191 N. Clark and Chicago Board of Elections office from Oct. 7 through Nov. 7 on weekdays and weekends.