In just five weeks, Johnson campaign draws support from every corner of the city, building a multi-racial, progressive movement to transform Chicago


Photo of CTU member and mayoral candidate Brandon Johnson at a safe staffing rally,

When CTU member and Cook County Commissioner Brandon Johnson launched his candidacy for mayor, standing in the shadow of Jenner Academy where he began his teaching career, he recalled his experience at the school.  

“As a teacher, I experienced the painful impact of disinvestment on my students and their families, and this personal experience — seeing children endure inequity — is what fuels my commitment to building a stronger, safer and more equitable Chicago,” Johnson said.

Johnson was joined by a cross section of Chicago’s progressive community, a multi-racial coalition that has been building to take on city hall for the last decade. In just five weeks on the campaign trail, Johnson has assembled an impressive group of endorsements

Along with CTU, union endorsements include the Illinois Federation of Teachers, American Federation of Teachers, the Cook County College Teachers Union, SEIU Healthcare, and SEIU Local 73. Independent ward organizations in the 25th, 30th, 33rd, 35th, 30th, and 48th Wards also are on Team Brandon, as well as local, state and national elected officials. 

Working people and the organizations that represent them are flocking to Johnson’s campaign because he offers hope that city hall can finally be a place where they can receive equity and justice. 

“I continue to be humbled and honored by the outpouring of support I have received in this campaign,” he said. “Throughout my conversations with people from all areas of the city, it has become increasingly clear to me that Chicagoans are ready for change, and most important, ready to see their own vision and priorities reflected on the 5th floor of city hall.”

Johnson is running on a platform that has been shaped by his work as an educator, a CTU organizer and 1st District Cook County Commissioner. His platform calls for fully-resourced schools, investments that address the root cause of violence and poverty, Tax Increment Financing (TIF) reforms, a Real Estate Transfer Tax to alleviate homelessness, green jobs and other new investments to support working families.  

“Families need change, Chicago needs change, and if we are truly going to transform our city, we need a collective, collaborative approach that reflects the values of the people,” Johnson said. “I am the candidate who will build a coalition from Ravenswood to Englewood, and all communities beyond and in between.”

Johnson is the only candidate in the race for mayor who has stood with communities across the city in the fights for fully funded public schools, affordable housing, green jobs and access to mental health care. He stood with healthcare workers demanding PPE and more staffing during the pandemic, and supported railway workers demanding a fair contract, and Starbucks and Amazon workers trying to unionize. 

As a teacher and organizer, I have seen what is possible when we work together,” Johnson added. “I will lead with ‘we’, revive Chicago, and restore the resources, the hope and the possibilities that all of our families and residents deserve.”

Team Brandon is on the move, but Brandon needs his union siblings’ help. Join Team Brandon, volunteer to canvass, and make a donation of the most generous amount you can afford.