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Bargaining continues Wednesday, as union confronts chronic disconnect between mayor’s spin and CPS stalling at bargaining table.

CHICAGO, Oct. 16, 2019—CTU President Jesse Sharkey issued a brief statement this morning in the wake of the mayor’s distortions about the status of bargaining — and as the union’s negotiating team was heading into another bargaining session with Lightfoot’s team. The CTU is bargaining today at the offices of Lightfoot’s lead negotiator, James Franczek, at 300 S. Wacker Drive in the West Loop. The union’s elected delegates are meeting today at CTU HQ at 4:45 p.m. at 1901 W. Carroll, and the bargaining team may be available at the conclusion of today’s bargaining.

“Mayor Lightfoot has the power to ensure that the equity and justice she promised our students as a candidate becomes the norm and not the exception in our schools—yet those values don’t exist at the bargaining table,” said CTU President Jesse Sharkey. “That’s poor leadership that she must reverse.”

“We want what the mayor promised as a candidate—a school nurse, a social worker and a librarian in every school. We want smaller class sizes for our students, who don’t deserve to compete with forty other children for their teacher’s support. We want the dignity and respect the mayor keeps claiming she has for our teachers, clinicians and support staff. And we reject locking our members into a five-year deal that simply perpetuates a status quo that hurts students and undermines educators.”

“CPS can afford to keep these promises. The district is taking in over a billion dollars in new annual revenue from the State to do exactly what we are asking for in negotiations. And we intend to bargain until we get those commitments in writing in an enforceable contract.”