The extraordinary fight that we waged with CPS during the last few months secured agreements for the safe reopening of school buildings (full details at Now, CPS is trying to wriggle out of key aspects of those agreements. We need to step up our efforts to enforce the agreement in these two areas. If we can’t get CPS to honor these parts of the agreement, what is the next piece of the agreement they’ll decide to flout?

1. HS teachers and clinicians may work remotely M-T-Th-F if their students are remote and their work space is unsafe or not conducive to their work

The HS reopening agreement says that no request for telework should be “unreasonably denied,” and yet CPS has not allowed principals the discretion needed to approve such reasonable requests. We’ve already filed a grievance regarding this issue, and we’re starting a larger campaign now to demand CPS honor our agreement.

So if you’ve requested remote work on M-T-Th-F when you have no students in person and your principal has denied your request, please fill out this form as soon as possible so we know where these issues are taking place and can further strengthen our enforcement campaign.

HS MTThF Survey

2. ES and HS clinicians may work remotely on Wednesdays if their students are remote and they aren’t scheduled for specific in-person services

After receiving multiple reports of nurses being told to report five days a week without regard to the terms of the MOA, we filed a grievance and are now trying to ascertain how many people have encountered similar roadblocks to exercising their rights. If this situation applies to you, please contact your field rep about how you can assert your right to remote work on Wednesdays under the MOA. We also need your response to this short survey about what you’re hearing from CPS about this.

Clinician Wed Survey

Thank you in advance for your responses to these surveys, since they will be critical to determining the next steps forward. Watch for a clinician meeting regarding remote Wednesdays coming soon.

Meanwhile, you can start taking immediate action around these issues. Here are three things you can do now:

  • You can take either or both of these issues to your school’s safety committee.
  • You can email your principal or manager and respectfully remind them that they have a duty to uphold the language of the MOA.
  • If these issues are rampant at your school and you’ve already tried the above two steps, you can refer the matter to the District-wide Safety Committee by filling out a district-level incident report (full details at

In safety and solidarity,
Chicago Teachers Union

1. Grievance re remote work on M-T-Th-F:


2. Grievance re ES/HS clinicians’ remote work Wednesdays: