Once again, your solidarity is moving CPS leadership to do better by our rank-and-file members!

Our school clerks have been receiving emails letting them know that they are eligible for COVID-19 vaccinations through a partnership with the Chicago Department of Public Health and Innovative Care. Innovative Care has reserved two days for school clerks only to receive the vaccine.

If you are a school clerk, and you would like to receive the vaccine, please use the link and password provided in the email sent to you to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. The slots will get filled quickly. Do not share the link or password, as it is reserved only for your use.

We are still fighting at the bargaining table for a truly comprehensive agreement that protects all of our members, but this development for clerks is a crucial part of that campaign. CPS had zero intentions of facilitating vaccines for any of our members. We’ve had to fight for every gain we’ve been able to leverage in this pandemic.

Thousands of PSRPs — among them Black and Brown women who both live and work in our school communities — have been some of the leading voices in challenging Mayor Lightfoot and CPS to provide what we all deserve: the right to support and educate our students safely. COVID-19 vaccination is a vital part of that, and our clerks have helped our entire union marshal the solidarity and determination we need for this fight.

Governor Pritzker today announced that all state legislators will now be eligible as 1(b) “essential” workers to receive COVID-19 vaccinations. Every single one of our members deserves the opportunity for the same.

We also deserve a safety metric that makes sense and holds CPS to thorough health and safety standards; accommodations for thousands of members who themselves or whose family members are medically vulnerable to COVID-19 infection; a sensible path to reopening that maximizes protection and minimizes harm for our school communities; and a plan that protects and supports the educational needs of both students who return to classrooms and students learning remotely.

Organizing works. This isn’t the “robust” plan that the mayor has been talking about, but it’s a step. And your work made it happen.

Never forget your worth, and your strength, in this fight. We’ve come too far for that.

In safety and solidarity,
Christel Williams Hayes
CTU Recording Secretary and PSRP for Life