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Manageable class sizes

Our students need individual attention from their teachers. We cannot provide that level of attention when we have as many as 48 students in a kindergarten class.

According to Illinois State Board of Ed Report Card data, Chicago Public Schools has the highest class sizes across grades 1-4 of any school district in the entire Chicago metropolitan area. The average class size in CPS was higher than those in 90 percent of Illinois school districts in 2016.

Since 1995, state law has given the district the upper hand in class size negotiations. Now, with solid, enforceable class size language emerging in our newly won charter school contracts, our union is stronger than ever in fighting for a solid guarantee that we can give students the personal attention they need.

Tomorrow marks the start of Teacher Appreciation Week, but real teacher appreciation comes with a fair contract. Parents and teachers agree that enforceable, strict class size limits need to be written into our next Agreement with the Board of Ed. The Chicago Teachers Union bargaining team has made class size a cornerstone of negotiations this year, along with fair pay for women’s work, adequate staffing and justice for our school communities.

For the schools our students deserve, we demand:

  • 20 students instead of 28 students for kindergarten.
  • 24 students instead of 28 students at the primary level.
  • 28 students instead of 31 students at intermediate and upper levels.
  • 28 students for high school, but 25 for bilingual education classes.
  • Pay teachers with classes above the class size limits $5 per student daily for every student above the limit.
  • Assign an assistant to all K-3 classrooms with more than 24 students.