November 20, 2023 will be converted to a teacher-directed school improvement day for all non 52-week CTU staff members.

Principals may elect to have the school building open or closed on November 20, 2023. No CTU member will be required to attend the November 20 School Improvement Day in person, regardless to whether the building is open or closed. If a member chooses to attend in person, they will be required to swipe in and out. All members, including clinicians and itinerants, whose schools did not flex June 10 and elect to do self-directed PD virtually should enter Professional Development (DEV) code in KRONOS.

Teachers whose schools flexed June 10 will not have to work at all on November 20. It is now a flex day. They should enter DVF in Kronos. The DVF code will be available the week of November 13, 2023.

All paraprofessionals, regardless of whether the teachers at their schools voted to flex or not, will have a self-directed PD day on November 20 and should use the DEV code for that date. Principals may not assign duties or require PSRPs to report to the building on that date.

CTU members may also use a Personal Business Day on November 20, 2023.

For those schools who flexed June 10, the Union is working with CPS to provide an equitable solution to address the concern of additional principal-directed professional development. Both parties recognize the disparity. Please be patient as we work to identify impacted schools. We hope to communicate a favorable resolution in the coming weeks.