Chicago Teachers Union President Stacy Davis Gates said at Collins High School this yesterday when asked about Margaret Croke’s proposed bill HB 303:

“We don’t support HB 303 because it addresses an issue that does not exist and causes more problems. This bill is cynical, racist, and will negatively impact all Chicago students. The Chicago Board of Education passed a resolution to finally prioritize neighborhood schools like Collins High School. And then Margaret Croke introduces a bill in Springfield that says the exact opposite. 

No one has ever called for the closing of selective enrollment schools. Margaret Croke seems to be unaware that her bill hurts families and neighborhood schools in her district. I’m sure parents in her district will not be happy. This bill only further increases racial disparities, protecting only a handful of schools at the expense of the majority Black and Brown neighborhood schools in Chicago. Instead, Margaret Croke and her colleagues should find funding to transport special education and selective enrollment students to get to selective enrollment schools.

Every single young person in the roundtable we just did at Collins High School told us they need more. Margaret Croke said, “No, you deserve less.”