Fight evictions tomorrow!

Call your Chicago alder about Just Cause tomorrow and tell them:

Hello, my name is [NAME], and I’m a member of [ORGANIZATION NAME]. I’m a constituent of Ald. [NAME] in zip code [ZIP CODE]. I’m calling today to ask my alder to oppose the mayor’s Fair Notice bill and to help the people’s Just Cause Evictions bill to make it out of the Rules Committee so that it can receive a fair hearing in the Housing Committee.

We need Just Cause Evictions because, on average, 19,000 evictions are filed in Chicago per year, and an estimated 25%of those are “no-cause evictions.” This means that the renters in these situations did not do anything wrong like fail to pay the rent or breach their lease to wind up in eviction court. This has devastating consequences for entire households and communities, especially children, those vulnerable to homeless, and people with disabilities.

We must create assurances that individuals and families in our ward can stay in their homes without the threat of unnecessary displacement. The mayor’s Fair Notice bill doesn’t help defend against these major impacts on our communities. Please help defeat Fair Notice and help Just Cause get a proper hearing instead. Thank you.

Call your alder today!