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CTU leaders from Acero attended their school’s board meeting last week to protest layoffs. This week they attended the board meeting of a Michigan charter school, for which Acero allegedly serves in an advisory role. They were surprised to find Acero CEO Richard Rodriguez playing a leading role, raising questions about governance and the flow of taxpayer money.

CTU New Organizing Committee Chair Jen Conant led a meeting this week with members from Epic, CICS, Acero, Passages, IHSCA, ChiArts and YCLA. Committee members talked about the process of organizing unorganized charter school staff into the CTU, using role play to fine tune their skills. The committee will meet again on Nov. 10 and plans plans are in the works for a panel on Nov. 17 to educate charter school staff how to organize a union.

CTU-ACTS has started making plans to prepare for the next round of charter school bargaining and our Charter Division will hold a strategic retreat early next year. We plan to build on our historic successes from last year, winning the nation’s first charter strike at 16 Acero schools in December 2018 and strike victories at eight other charter schools in 2019.

The CTU has reached an agreement with Epic Academy for a Professional Solutions Committee to operate from now until their first contract goes into effect. We also have negotiated memoranda about remote learning with this and other employers.

The CTU and Namaste Charter School have agreed to extend their remote learning MOU with minor adjustments through Jan. 15, 2020.