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Acero (formerly UNO) announced it will remain fully remote until April 19.

After negotiating with CTU, Passages also announced it will delay reopening. The eventual return to in-person learning will be based on scientific metrics including positivity rate, new case rate per 100,000, case counts for overall new cases and case counts for youth cases.

CTU members are asserting their right to negotiate health and safety issues, including when to return to in-person work during the pandemic, with Namaste Charter School. Management has agreed to negotiations and CTU members at Namaste met this week to discuss next steps.

CTU reached an agreement with Epic Academy regarding work hours during parent teacher conferences, known as Student Leadership Conferences. In the past, teachers were forced to work 10 or even 12-hour days with no increase in pay. The agreement calls for a normal work day, but starting and ending two hours later on the second of two SLC days. The union agreed to this in order to accommodate more parents.

CTU held its citywide delegate nominations for CTU-ACTS this week. Charter School Delegate candidates are being nominated for their first full term since the merger of CTU Local 1 with the Alliance of Charter Teachers and Staff Local 4343.