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Two years ago CTU members at CICS Civitas struck with the goal of equal pay for equal work. CICS members have now achieved this goal — parity with the CPS wage scale — for all strikers as well as those hired since the strike. They received the proper pay raise and retroactive check shortly before Thanksgiving.

CTU has been negotiating a wage reopener at Latino Youth for some time. But management just hired the high-powered and expensive law firm Franczek P.C., the same anti-union firm CPS uses, indicating the charter is unwilling to put money in the classroom, where it belongs.

CTU-ACTS Chair Chris Baehrend wrote a chapter in the recently published book Strike for the Common Good. The chapter outlines the CTU charter school strikes two years ago. These were the first charter school strikes in the nation.

Plans to co-locate Aspira Haugan and CPS North River have been scrapped, at least for now. Aspira teachers will continue to press their board for a coherent plan for the school’s future​.