Victory at Passages! For two days employees at Passages Charter School refused a direct order to return to the school building without a safety agreement. CTU members held a press conference and attempted to attend professional development remotely from outside the building. They vowed not return to in-person instruction without safety protocols and other protections and quickly won an agreement that met their demands on all outstanding issues.

More than 60 CTU-ACTS leaders met to discuss and plan coordinated bargaining of their next contracts, which are lined up to expire in Summer 2022. CTU President Jesse Sharkey stressed the importance of upcoming charter division negotiations which again precedes district bargaining.

CTU members at Namaste Charter School ratified a back-to-work agreement with the employer that includes safety precautions, a safety committee and health metrics for reopening.

Latino Youth members marked their 29th week of refusing their employer’s orders to report to the building for work. CTU members at the school continue to work remotely.

Several other charter operators have signaled their intention to reopen. Some have been thwarted by union agreements that do not allow for an unsafe reopening or that require union approval.