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For Karen.

Cerebral and Regal

Able to relate to the People

She mastered many languages

Her critics called her dangerous

Because she could converse with the people on the block

And leave the scholars and politicians, standing in shock

Her intellectual scope was dynamic

Her comedic ways were gigantic

Whenever you crossed her path

She was guaranteed to make you laugh

But along with laughter, she had you learning

Articulating ideas that were yearning

For expression beyond a limited, certain vicinity

Karen Lewis & Activism…that was perfect Chemistry

From an upbringing, being reared by educators

To one day, debating legislators

From gaining wisdom, with other Kenwood Broncos

To challenging rigid rulers, and other head honchos

Or should we start with……Dartmouth?

Let’s keep going down Technical Lanes

Where she always fought to help people, make ethical gains

Yes, Karen Lewis is surely special

Then she came to 44th & Drexel

Advocating!  Educating!  Agitating!   Fighting on the same slate

She put in work, just like our school’s namesake

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. College Preparatory High School

Karen Lewis…definitely made Union organizing cool

Karen spoke the truth, and she never had a blank-smile

Her concerns, were the youth & the Rank-and-File

Karen helped to make the CTU stable, & she gave it relevance

Karen is studied like the Periodic Table of Elements

Many people examine her content and her composition

Karen Lewis…we salute you for the time you spent on the mission