New agreements will help alleviate substitute shortage

CTU and CPS have agreed to two new Memorandums of Understanding that will improve substitute teacher coverage. One relates to the number of days retirees can substitute teach and the other provides new pay provisions to help cover parental leaves under the new 12-week leave policy.

Arbitration win brings clarity on high school pay for added preps

As the entire country grapples with a shortage of qualified teachers, schools are increasingly asking our members to pick up extra classes for which they haven’t hired the necessary staff. As teachers have stepped up to take extra preps, CPS has been inconsistent in applying our contractual pay. This arbitration ruling will fix that.

Delayed step increases remedied in major grievance settlement

The CTU finalized a settlement this week that will result in approximately 10,000 members receiving their step increases early this coming school year. Members will get ten more days’ pay at the higher pay rate this school year than they would normally receive. The settlement stemmed from a grievance the Union filed at the beginning of the 2022-23 school year.

Grievance Dept. wins in several cases on several fronts

Grievance Dept. wins in several cases on several fronts

A key part of protecting our rights and enforcing our hard-won contracts is challenging management when they violate our bargaining agreements — and fighting these cases all the way through the arbitration process when necessary to secure and reinforce our rights. The CTU Grievance Department has a raft of new wins to report that protect our members in both the charter and district spaces.

Class size relief comes to Lane Tech thanks to member organizing

Class size relief comes to Lane Tech thanks to member organizing

Lane Tech College Prep teachers just won a significant class size victory using the strengthened language in Article 28 of our Contract…a member-staff collaboration that is a perfect example of what an organizing model of unionism should be.

Memo on a victory: CPS officially reverses discipline of members issued last winter

On Friday, CPS finally sent the discipline rescission notices to 55 members targeted this past winter for communicating with parents about how unsafe CPS’ reopening plan was. But it took until this past Friday for CPS to finally issue the formal notification, and it’s been great to receive happy messages from some of the impacted members!