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CPS: Release the sports funds!

CPS: Release the sports funds!

Sign the petition! Sports are essential for mental and physical growth, and with the influx of funding into our district, the athletic programs in our schools cannot look like they did pre-COVID. We are emerging from a pandemic and children will have to continue adjusting to a “new” normal. CPS and the mayor should be giving our students more, not less.

Area (Regional) Meetings for PPCs and Safety Committees

Join fellow PPC and safety committee members in your region for a crucial discussion to review the year and position ourselves for what’s necessary going into the summer. The “Memorandum of Agreement” (“MOA”) with CPS expires in August. CPS is already calling for a full reopening. Negotiations over what happens next have high stakes: $2 BILLION high, as that’s how much the federal government is providing the district in COVID relief money. We must continue to push CPS to negotiate with our Union, not just over safety issues, but over what a real “recovery” should look like in our schools.

Episode 35: Barriers Facing Deaf Students at CPS

Episode 35: Barriers Facing Deaf Students at CPS

In this episode of CTU Speaks!, Andrea and Jim talk with Kelsey Cavanaugh, an American Sign Language interpreter for CPS, and Christa Valencia, a middle-school teacher of the deaf. They discuss the many hurdles that deaf students confront at CPS — from getting placed in a school in the first place to the inequities they experience once they get there. They also talk about some potential solutions to these problems going forward.

School Model List

There are three models of weekly student attendance for the Memorandum of Agreement on Resumption of In-Person High School Instruction. They are based on school size and percentage of students returning. This list shows which model each school falls under based on agreed calculations.

New Delegates in Citywide and Charter Representative Units

For the end of the three year delegate term this January, the CTU held nomination meetings for delegate positions in citywide representative units. This included PSRP and clinician positions for both district and charter schools. The number of members nominated for each representative unit did not exceed the number of positions. So, none of the nominations were contested and elections were not necessary. The names of these new delegates are listed below for each representative unit.