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New Delegates in Citywide and Charter Representative Units

For the end of the three year delegate term this January, the CTU held nomination meetings for delegate positions in citywide representative units. This included PSRP and clinician positions for both district and charter schools. The number of members nominated for each representative unit did not exceed the number of positions. So, none of the nominations were contested and elections were not necessary. The names of these new delegates are listed below for each representative unit.

Email Gov. Pritzker: Request HB2275 to Sign

Email Gov. Pritzker: Request HB2275 to Sign

On January 11, 2021, the Illinois Senate ratified HB2275, a bill that reinstates the bargaining rights taken from unions representing CPS employees back in 1995. The only remaining step in the repeal of the onerous 1995 language is for Governor J.B. Pritzker to sign the legislation. Send Gov. Pritzker a message urging him to request the legislation from House Speaker Welch so he can sign it.

Facing down CPS “AWOL” notice, threat not to pay

CPS today escalated their attempt to intimidate CTU members, in hopes that we will stop our campaign for a safe return, stop exercising our rights, and stop telling the truth to parents and the public. CTU members taking a stand against the Mayor’s reckless reopening plan has had an impact, changing the conversation in Springfield, City Council, LSCs and with parents across the city.