Petition: Stakeholders must come together for Chicago students

Today, Chicago has a mayor eager to implement the schools Chicago’s students deserve. To bring that vision to fruition, we need to bring together leaders from the political, civic and business communities to ensure that the schools have all they need for success. Help us reach out to some of these key leaders in a spirit of cooperation and optimism to bring together all the resources we need for our city’s children.

Flex Day Schools List

CTU has been collecting the names of schools whose teachers voted to flex June 10 in order to negotiate the impact on those schools of the CPS agreement to make November 20, 2023 a virtual teacher-directed professional development day. The list below reflects the...

Early Childhood “Rigor Walks”: Members push back and win concessions

In mid-October, we received an updated PreK Rigor Walk Taxonomy from the Office of Early Childhood that addressed objections to expectations like posted objectives and learning targets.

Black History Month 2023

At a time when the teaching of historical truth is under attack in cities and states across the country, it is more essential than ever that we affirm the importance of Black history here in Chicago. Black History month events and materials provide an opportunity to bring into focus this history that’s essential for students year round.