CTU President Stacy Davis Gates on Today’s Supreme Court Rulings

CHICAGO – CTU President Stacy Davis Gates today issued the following statement regarding the Supreme Court’s decisions to upend relief for student loan borrowers and roll back rights of the LGBTQIA community: “Today, the Supreme Court’s decisions to block the Biden administration’s student debt relief plan and their move to restrict the rights of the LGBTQIA community represent yet another attack on students, the Black and Brown community and all those seeking to live out their American Dream. Today’s decision comes on the heels of the court’s move yesterday to gut Affirmative Action in higher-education admissions, and it has turned a blind eye to the compounded impact of racism and discrimination on our nation.”

Acero educators to ratify new contract, while staff at two other charters take strike votes

CHICAGO–On Thursday, Acero Educators are expected to vote overwhelmingly to approve a tentative agreement with the Acero Charter Schools, ushering in a new era for the operator and its relationship with educators, their students and the educational community it serves. This development stands in stark contrast to the obstacles erected by CICS and Christopher House charter school as educators there pursue the same common-sense contract provisions that Acero and district educators now enjoy.

Chicago Teachers Union commends lawmakers for passage of Charter Neutrality Bill

CHICAGO—The Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) Thursday commended the Illinois General Assembly for passing a bill that protects Illinois educators from intimidation, retaliation and interference when they organize to join a union in privately operated charter schools, a move that will help educators improve the teaching and learning conditions in their schools. The legislation, HB 1120, requires charter school operators taking public school funding to include a labor neutrality clause as part of its school authorization. Under such a clause, an employer agrees to refrain from opposing or taking a position on union organizing by their employees.

Acero Educators Demand Fair Contract

Acero Educators Demand Fair Contract

On Wednesday, more than 100 educators will join forces with parents, students, and community members to demand a safe, supportive, and more sustainable educational community from the Acero Charter Schools, which are located throughout the city of Chicago in primarily Latine neighborhoods. The Wednesday rally and press conference comes on the same day as the Charter’s April board meeting.