CTU on the election of April Verrett as SEIU’s New President

CTU on the election of April Verrett as SEIU’s New President

“Having seen April’s work firsthand, I know she will bring a new moxie in the role of SEIU president. Beyond ushering in a new era for the labor movement that centers the voices of Black women, Verrett’s empathic approach to trade unionism will raise up a new generation of leaders willing to center the lived experience of black girls and boys on the South and West side of Chicago and beyond.“

CTU BARGAINING UPDATE DAY 4: Striking Instituto del Progreso Latino members ask BMO Harris to settle this contract

It is day four of a strike for CTU members at Instituto del Progreso Latino. With no end in sight, the Chicago Teachers Union is asking BMO Harris, Instituto del Progreso Latino’s close partner and a bank deeply connected to the schools’ finances, to settle this contract on behalf of the administration.

Chicago Teachers Union to Host Black History Month Blood Drive

As the country kicks off Black History Month, the Chicago Teachers Union, the CTU Foundation, educators from the union’s Human Rights Committee and the American Red Cross will host an afternoon-long blood drive and an evening panel discussion Thursday centered around sickle cell anemia and its intersection with Black maternal and birthing healthcare issues.