CTU members may be owed back pay if they left CPS to work elsewhere before returning

If you worked in CPS then left for another district before returning to CPS, you may not have received the step credit for your work in other districts that the CTU thinks you deserve. The CTU is pursuing a class action grievance to benefit members who didn’t get their due step increase upon returning to CPS. This may be worth thousands of dollars to members who qualify!

Good news regarding Thanksgiving pay

Today, we are pleased to announce an interim agreement reached between CTU and CPS to rectify a pressing and frustrating concern for members: the Thanksgiving Holiday pay discrepancies.

New agreements will help alleviate substitute shortage

CTU and CPS have agreed to two new Memorandums of Understanding that will improve substitute teacher coverage. One relates to the number of days retirees can substitute teach and the other provides new pay provisions to help cover parental leaves under the new 12-week leave policy.

Chicago Teachers Union commends lawmakers for passage of Charter Neutrality Bill

CHICAGO—The Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) Thursday commended the Illinois General Assembly for passing a bill that protects Illinois educators from intimidation, retaliation and interference when they organize to join a union in privately operated charter schools, a move that will help educators improve the teaching and learning conditions in their schools. The legislation, HB 1120, requires charter school operators taking public school funding to include a labor neutrality clause as part of its school authorization. Under such a clause, an employer agrees to refrain from opposing or taking a position on union organizing by their employees.

Report card pickup for educators who are parents or guardians

Are you a parent or guardian of a student? Do you have a conflict on report card day when you are expected to be at your school and also at your child/children’s school/s? If so, reach out to your principal to inform them that you will need some time to go to your child/children’s school or to hold a remote conference with your child’s teacher/teachers.

A FAQ for CTU members on remote work action

In an attempt to intimidate educators out of exercising their rights, CPS management has sent new communications changing policies and denying legitimate requests. Below you will find guidance on responding to some of the most common situations that members are experiencing as the mayor recklessly pushes forward with a plan rejected by the vast majority of educators, parents, and principals.

Questions and Answers on Our Collective Action for Safety, Equity and Trust

Questions and Answers on Our Collective Action for Safety, Equity and Trust

CTU members have voted to act for safety by all working remotely rather than complying with CPS orders for K-8 educators to work in unsafe buildings. We will also all respond to CTU retaliation (if there is any) with a strike. Many members still have questions. The answers below are meant to address concerns and confusion members have raised with us, so far.